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Breast Implant Illness Specialist

Breast Implant Illness, frequently known as BII is an evolving diagnosis which is impairing the lives of hundreds of thousands of women across the globe.  At Envision Plastic Surgery you will be heard.  While the symptoms differ across each patient the goal remains the same; a return to quality of life without fatigue, pain, autoimmune disorders, diet changes, and depressed mental status

Dr. James Kotick is a Breast Implant Illness Specialist with years of experience in the latest treatment and technique for the treatment of this disorder.  The approach to treatment is twofold. 


First, a total (en-bloc) capsulectomy is performed.  This is performed with meticulous dissection to prevent injury to the surrounding structures or removal of any non involved tissue.

Second, the remaining breast tissue is addressed with a concurrent mastopexy (lift) with our signature Auto-augmentation technique.  This advanced technique allows for a folding and lifting of the existing breast tissue to restore shape and position to the breast.

The use of the latest wound healing technology with an Incisional VAC (Prevena Bella) helps provide the quickest healing, prevention of wounds, and early return to work.

Call for your Consultation today.  Telehealth visits are available and we accommodate the schedules of out of state travelers. 

Step I: Total Capsulectomy

Removal of the Implant and the capsule is critical for most patients to feel the relief they desire and reduce the bodies inflammatory cascade.  Most patients feel a sense of relief as soon as they awake in the recovery room. 

Step II: Breast Enhancement

After removal of the implant and capsule, the breast skin often has been stretched from years of the implants weight.  As an expert reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Kotick offers all methods of breast enhancement including fat grafting either immediately or staged, and breast lift with auto-augmentation, a signature technique.

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