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reviews from our amazing patients

Dr. James Kotick is without a doubt, an amazing surgeon. His work absolutely speaks for itself. Not only does he do an incredible job, he is a great person! He has wonderful bedside manner as well as his physician assistants. All treated me with respect and care. I am completely satisfied with my results and would refer him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon! Thank you Dr. Kotick for giving me what I have wanted for 8 long years! :)

I am so thankful to have been referred to Dr. James Kotick. As a high risk individual for breast cancer my husband and I made the decision with Dr. Kotick's guidance to have a prophylactic skin and nipple sparing double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I made the decision to have the surgery based solely on the fact it would reduce my chances of having breast cancer by 95%. I did so fully anticipating the results to be catastrophic to my self image. I never anticipated my results! Following my surgery Dr. Kotick told me I'm part of your journey now and will be with you till we see this through! Its been five months since my surgery I no longer live in fear of breast cancer and honestly Dr. Kotick did such an amazing job I actually feel even better about my self image.

If you are a high risk individual and are considering surgery please consider a referral with Dr. Kotick. He held true to his word and has been such a big part of my journey and I am so thankful.

Dr. Kotick is absolutely incredible! I don’t write reviews often..if ever. I felt the need to write him one because finding the right surgeon is a difficult task.
I had lost a lot of weight and needed help to become the person I knew I could be after all the weight loss.
After visiting 5 plastic surgeons throughout Florida, Dr. Kotick was the only one who actually listened and cared about making me happy. You can tell from his Genuine personality he really wants to help others. I drive 2 hours one way to go there and it is worth it every time. Seriously, look no further he is the one!

Dr Kotick and his staff are the best! Had my first ever surgery with them and they have all been extremely polite, helpful, and reassuring throughout my entire experience. Dr Kotick and Dr Brown are both very genuine and clearly seemed happy for me and my results. I am really glad I decided to go with him because my results are better than I could’ve hoped for

I really want to commend Dr.. Kotick and his wonderful office staff! I had to undergo a reconstructive nose surgery. I am so glad that I found Dr. Kotick! My nose looks perfectly fine! I have never met another surgeon who shows so much care, concern and thoughtfulness for his patient - not to forget to mention his professionalism, excellent surgeon skills and outstanding after care! On one of my early visits he recommend to obtain a second opinion from another plastic surgeon. As I found out these offices have a very long appointment wait time, it would have been months before I could have been seen by the recommended plastic surgeon. Dr. Kotick heard about it and - without me asking for help - went ahead and contacted this plastic surgeon's office and I was able to receive an earlier appointment for a second opinion. Wow! This is just another proof of how much Dr. Kotick cares about each and every one of his patients! I can see that he strives for his patient's total satisfaction and feeling very well taken care of by him and he certainly succeeds! Also his staff could not be more friendly, welcoming and helpful as well as being cheerful. I feel like I am visiting friends! I am still in after care of my surgery and I feel wonderfully taken care of! - even when I voice concerns or have questions Dr. Kotick listens patiently and does not rush my Dr.'s visits - I highly appreciate that! He has always found a good solution for my concerns or questions. He goes out of his way to assist in any way he can make it better for me. He even had his office staff call my health insurance when I saw very high charges on my account stated as not being covered by my insurance!! Thank you again I can only highly recommend Dr. Kotick as an excellent surgeon and receiving outstanding care from him and his office staff! What more can one wish for as a patient!


Dr. Kotick has been nothing short of amazing to work with!

It's been exactly one month since my procedure as of today and I don't think another surgeon could have done it better. The site looks natural and has healed amazingly. The staff and Kotick himself have been pleasant to work with. He listened to the specific details I wanted and delivered above and beyond. I could not recommend him enough!

Dr. Kotikck was amazing! I had a reduction and he fought my insurance company up to the day before surgery and was able to pull it off. He is so caring, personable and extremely professional. His staff took great care of me through recovery and I felt 100% taken care of. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Kotick and his team to everyone!

Dr. James D. Kotick is a excellent surgeon who pays attention to what the patient needs and wants. He is very professional and kind hearted as well. So this is my daughters story. And I hope this helps anyone who is going through this to make the decision to have Dr. Kotick be your surgeon of choice. My daughter is 15 years old and has been battling very large breasts for almost 3 years now. They said it was due to her hormones. They became so heavy that they were down to her stomach area. I brought her into our physician and she said there was nothing she could do but to request a breast reduction but being she is so young it’s probably not going to happen. I then was given a list of many surgeons to call. I called about 40 and nope nothing. Then a friend of mine had said try giving Palm Ascetics Dr Kotick is amazing. So I gave them a call and they said yes bring her in. He made her feel so comfortable and not embarrassed at all. He had his female staff in the room to make her comfortable. He then agreed that a reduction was the way to go and we need to go through insurance. We scheduled the surgery and she had it done at the end of May. I was very nervous as a parent but he made us feel very calm. Her surgery was a success and she got to use this special suction device the sped up the healing process. He took off a few pounds of breast tissue and she looks amazing!!! She finally got her confidence back and I thank him for that. He is truly a artist! We will continue to go to follow ups as she is on her 3 month post operation. Thank you Dr. Kotick for a amazing job i highly recommend him and his team at Palm Asthetics in Lakewood Ranch Florida.

"I had the most amazing and pleasant experience with Dr James Kotick and his staff. He is extremely knowledgeable, competent, professional and caring Plastic Surgeon . He is one of those human beings that should be cloned and sprinkled around the world. He is very passionate about his work and not money driven and genuinely wants his patients to be happy and suffer as little as possible during and after the procedures. Moreover his staff follows his footsteps in being professional and caring." I had booked 3 appointments with other surgeons in Sarasota but after the first visit with Dr Kotick, I knew he was the right person for the job. I am forever grateful to Dr Kotick and his staff.

Over the past 15 or so years I developed an ever-growing gynecomastia condition where and I was too embarrassed to remove my shirt in public for many years. Surgery is the only option and my research on Google concluded that insurance coverage for surgical correction of gynecomastia was almost impossible. I consulted with three plastic surgeons who quoted very high rates and, as expected, no one mentioned the possibility of insurance coverage. I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Kotick last and, not only did he and his team make me feel very comfortable with their recommendation, but recommended that we try to get the surgery covered by insurance. Imagine my surprise when Dr. Kotick got insurance approval for my problem even though I had no underlying condition. This doctor has tremendous reconstructive surgery skills and an excellent bedside manner. In addition to being quite pleased with the outcome, I had very little pain during recovery. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone needing this specialty.

I was referred to Dr. Kotick several years ago for a reoccurring breast concern. After 3 years and 3 surgeries, I still had no answers and was beginning to lose hope. From the moment I met him he was very polite and friendly, yet straight forward and honest with his professional opinion and treatment plan. I respected that very much and immediately felt comfortable and confident in his care. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what he does, his bed side manor goes far beyond. He's patient and wants to make sure you fully understand the procedures and are always comfortable.

Following the resolution of the breast concern, yes Dr. Kotick solved my mystery breast concern and I haven't had an issue with that breast since. I was so impressed with his breast reconstruction work, that I decided to see him again for a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and breast lift. I had lost almost 100lbs on my own, but was stuck with all this extra skin that just wouldn't go away. Dr. Kotick trimmed a whopping 7.5lbs of skin and cinched my waist 5in!! How he transformed my body the way he did still just blows my mind. I have gained so much confidence and am no longer ashamed to look at myself in the mirror.

Not only were the results amazing, but the entire experience was great as well, from start to finish. His staff is incredible. They made sure every question was answered and I knew exactly what to expect throughout the entire process. Now a year and half post op and Im scheduled to see him once again!! He is a true surgical genius and always puts your health first!

I had reconstructive surgery by Dr Kotick. I truly can’t say enough about him. He immediately put me at ease. His surgery skills are truly magical, I wasn’t expecting such a great outcome. He is such a perfectionist!! He was so warm and friendly, and is very talented

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